Why Work for Whiteboard Federal?

Why work for Whiteboard?

Small Company. Big Attitude.

Whiteboard's core philosophy that drives the decisions of the executive leadership team is simple: We want to build a company that we would want to work for.

You'll never be an employee number or a line item on a spreadsheet here. We don't play the butts-in-seats game. We win by being the best at what we do, and that means focusing on hiring the best people and taking care of them.

We go after work that we think is exciting, relevant, and attractive to the best engineers in the cleared community.


We strive to work with the most cutting edge technology we can. In our sector, this can be a challenge but we achieve it in two ways - by going after the coolest programs we can and by introducing new technologies and solutions to our customers once we're on site.

We're working on tech as diverse and cutting edge as databases like Hadoop/Accumulo and MongoDB, advanced languages like Python and Clojure, modern front end frameworks like Angular, and awesome tools like Splunk and Amazon Web Services.

We built our own website using Jekyll, host it on GitHub, and mixed in a little customized Twitter Bootstrap for the bling factor.


Whiteboard's philosophy on compensation is simple: Strong compensation is one of the foundational blocks of a good employer/employee relationship.

To that end, we've chosen to take the approach of favoring employees over profit margins. During the fallout in our community after the government shutdown and sequestration, at a time where nearly every company cut salaries, Whiteboard held the line and chose to simply take in less profit. We weathered the storm together, as a family.

We offer first class salaries and a full benefits package including 401k with match, a Health Savings Account with company contributions, and education reimbursement for both school and professional training.

Understanding our Community

Some of the members of our Executive Leadership Team are engineers working mission on site, hand in hand with the government. We know the best and the worst of being cleared engineers in our community, and that allows us to be responsive to our employees' needs.

Unlike a lot of subcontractors, we aren't committed to just filling any open slot on any program we can get our hands on. The mission that we serve on matters to us, as does the way that our programs are run. We work carefully to be involved in the best programs we can, to be assured that our engineers have a fulfilling work environment

We strive to be at the forefront of trends, not a late responder. It's why became involved with Hadoop early, and why we worked to get our employees Amazon Web Services ceritified before the government cloud was even live.